cognitive justice

kid work, cognitive nerdery, curricular justice.

so often, our thinking about teaching and learning is siloed and separated, one research base set against another in a zero sum framing that sells teachers and students short.

on this website, you’ll find blog posts and resources that unpack the connections, synergies, and harmonies among the research bases that have most shaped my practice as a dual language teacher, leader, and (international edu) researcher for the last decade:

the science of learning in general and the science of reading in particular; bilingual education, multilingualism, and translanguaging; and culturally sustaining pedagogies more broadly, all brought to life with real classroom artifacts.

— callie patton lowenstein

this is the moment for cognitive justice — to weave together our collective knowledge of the learning mind with our knowledge of the learning spirit.

we have an abundance of insight about the ways the science of learning and culturally sustaining pedagogies, together, can improve and liberate our schools. 

we don’t need to choose.